[Ebook] A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Tough Pet Messes with Simple Solution® and Petco


Your nose might be the first to alert you. Your cat has urinated on your carpet, on your cushions, or even in your bed. Or your dog has pooped in your home. Or maybe it is your eyes that alert you—to a pile of pet vomit. These types of “accidents” can happen when you have a dog or cat in the family and being prepared for them—and dealing with them—is all part of being a good pet parent.

What’s the best way to get rid of these pet messes? We asked Scott Plasek, the pet stain and odor expert with Simple Solution, who spends his days testing formulas and delivery systems to find the best ones for eliminating stains and discouraging repeated marking. Download our free ebook to find out how to properly deal with urine, vomit, poop, grass, dirt and other stains caused by pets:

Petco Stain & Odor Ebook Cover



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